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Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) workers affected by no-work, no-pay rule from just-ended strike will get ‘low-interest loan’ from Namibia Public Service Union (PSUN) to help them get through the month.

PSUN Deputy General Secretary Ujama Kaahangoro said this last week when some NBC workers met with union leadership to help workers who were not paid this month after agreeing to strike with the condition no work, no salary.

He said the union had taken advantage of N $ 200,000 through its Credit and Savings Cooperative, a business arm of the union that was created to “lift members out of poverty” and that the money will be shared among NBC employees who were on strike. They will be eligible for the loan immediately upon joining the union. The union will relax certain rules that will allow members to qualify urgently.

“Seeing the situation in which NBC employees find themselves, this is something the union has not hesitated to come to their aid. So we thought about putting aside what little we have to help them get through this month until next month when they get paid. These people have families to feed, they have to pay for transport to get to work and they have children who have to go to school, ”Kaahangoro said.

He added that normally when a member joins the union they have to wait six months to be eligible for the loan, but in this case the union will abolish this rule because the workers urgently need help.

One of the NBC workers who attended the meeting, McCarious Somaeb, said he was disappointed by the Namibia Public Workers Union (Napwu), the union representing NBC employees, for the failure of negotiations on the salary increases with the management of NBC and has now terminated his membership with the Union.

NBC employees have been on strike for five weeks and the strike did not end until this week after Napwu called it off while also withdrawing the lawsuit it had brought against NBC for violating its rules. strike.


2021-06-01 Journalist

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